Ben Harper - Fight For Your Mind CD


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Fight for Your Mind is an album by Ben Harper. It was his last solo album before adding the Innocent Criminals to his line-up. Reviews were generally very positive, praising Harper's fusion of multiple genres, from folk ("Another Lonely Day"), folk rock ("Gold to Me"), Black Sabbath-style riffing heavy metal ("Ground on Down") and politically charged reggae ("Excuse Me Mr.").

After Harper's well-received debut, Welcome to the Cruel World, he expanded on his fanbase by touring relentlessly with jam bands like Dave Matthews Band. On this, his second album, Harper added a more refined sense of his own intense spirituality, such as on the gospel-influenced album closers, "Power of the Gospel", "God Fearing Man" and "One Road to Freedom".

Track Listing:

  1. Oppression 2:58
  2. Ground on Down 4:53
  3. Another Lonely Day 3:43
  4. Please Me Like You Want To 4:55
  5. Gold to Me 5:00
  6. Burn One Down 3:31
  7. Excuse Me Mr. (Harper, Plunier) 5:24
  8. People Lead 4:13
  9. Fight for Your Mind 4:06
  10. Give a Man a Home 3:35
  11. By My Side 3:34
  12. Power of the Gospel 6:02
  13. God Fearing Man 11:49
  14. One Road to Freedom 4:14

 Released August 1995