Leo Kottke - Instrumentals: The Best Of The Chrysalis Years

Virtuoso guitarist Leo Kottke's fingerpicking and slide techniques are unrivaled. His musical world embraces blues, jazz, folk, country, bluegrass, and classical music, all of which he calls upon to create his left-of-center music. This CD is culled from six albums he recorded for Chrysalis between 1976 and 1983.

1- Airproofing
2- Waltz
3- Death By Reputation
4- The Fisherman
5- Up Tempo
6- A Low Thud
7- Orange Room
8- Whine
9- Dolores
10- The Train And The Gate
11- Open Country Joy
12- Wheels
13- Palms Blvd.
14- Strange
15- Jib's Hat
16- All I Have To Do Is Dream
17- Memories Are Made Of This
18- Little Martha

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