Seepeoples - For The Good Of The Nation CD

The first studio release from Seepeoples is somewhat mysterious. As most listeners have heard 2004's "The Corn Syrup Conspiracy" as their intro to the band, "FTGOTN" has become a curious gem after once going out of print. One major difference here is that this disc boasts 7 lengthy compositions as opposed to the many tracks on "Corn Syrup." Not that it makes much of a difference...the band's politically-charged trove of ideas is just as large here. A trance-inducing dub excursion might give way to a triumphant rock anthem, or a head-bobbing funk sojourn could turn into a jazzy breakdown. Such is the way of the Peeps!

1- View From Here mp3
2- Oceans Of The Abandoned mp3
3- Here We Go mp3
4- All Wrong mp3
5- For The Good Of The Nation mp3
6- It's Not Your Fault mp3
7- Out Here On Our Own mp3