Soulive - Rubber Soulive CD

The trio take on the Fab Four with their 7th studio release RUBBER SOULIVE, on Royal Family Records. With this 11-track instrumental ode to the greatest, Soulive joins the likes of Booker T, George Benson and Chet Atkins by putting their own spin on their favorite Beatles classics.

Kraz recalls, "It finally came together when we ended up back at Alan's studio in Hatfield, MA after a weekend of gigs last year... We were in the middle of unloading the gear when we decided it was time: You know what? Rather than driving home and then driving back in a few days, let's stay right here and work on that Beatles idea.

It really was that spontaneous.

I actually went to a music store and got a bunch of the new re-mastered stuff. The first day in the studio, we just did a lot of listening - listening and talking about which tunes to do and how to do them.

We wanted to do some stuff that already sounded like it was in our lane - the groovier, funkier stuff. But we also wanted to delve into other songs that were more open to our interpretation, you know?"

Track Listing:
1. Drive My Car
2. Taxman
3. In My Life
4. Eleanor Rigby
5. I Want You (She's So Happy)
6. Come Together
7. Something
8. Revolution
9. Help!
10. Day Tripper
11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Released in 2010