Soulive - Turn it Out REMIXED

DJs and producers spend hours digging through crates looking for that perfect sample -- something funky, something dirty, something catchy. Soulive is a DJ's dream, a breathing, living, performing never-ending source of samples. Soulive's newest joint, Turn It Out Remixed, starts from the masters of their classic 1999 release, Turn It Out, and flips it. Each tune was reworked, remixed and replayed to create something wholly new, yet wholly Soulive.

The producers, MCs, singers and DJs featured on TIO Remixed are almost all friends of the band, and the record itself is the product of almost two years of hanging out and vibing in the studio. The result is organic. DJ Spinna weaves a trance-like beat on Cash's Dream as Kraz spins guitar over the top (all live in the studio). The Beatnuts lend their raunchy style to Steppin'. DJ Krush paints a totally new canvas for Turn It Out. Underground sensation J-Live brings his positive message and virtuosity to Sugar (Azucar). Meshell lends her vocal stylings and nasty basswork to a J-5 flava'd Doin' Something.

The full crew: Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, Alan Evans, Akil & Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Meshell Ndegeocello, J-Live, Wordsworth, The Beatnuts, Ekene, Shuman, DJ Spinna, DJ Krush, Adam Deitch, Mister Rourke, Tycoon, Dub Fader & more.

1- Intro
2- Tabasco
3- Doin' Something
4- Cash's Dream
5- Turn it Out
7- Steppin'
8- Arruga
9- Nealization
10- Rudy's Way
11- Azucar
12- Steppin' 2