Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy Your Rabbit CD

For all the musical ground that he's covered in the space of his many albums, Sufjan Stevens may never tread on more experimental turf than the sounds found on Enjoy Your Rabbit. In fact, if the earnest songwriter's folksy eclecticism and instrumental boundlessness are what endeared him to you, you'll be pleasantly shocked upon listening to this disc. In place of his normally prevalent acousticness and gentle melodic style is an aggressive noise fascination tempered by taste, never grating the nerves, but definitely challenging the brain. Bizarre circus sounds, electronic glitches, majestic bells, processed beats, and all manner of other sonic oddities find a home on Enjoy Your Rabbit.

1. Year Of The Asthmatic Cat mp3
2. Year Of The Monkey mp3
3. Year Of The Rat mp3
4. Year Of The Ox mp3
5. Year Of The Boar mp3
6. Year Of The Tiger mp3
7. Year Of The Snake mp3
8. Year Of The Sheep mp3
9. Year Of The Rooster mp3
10. Year Of The Dragon mp3
11. Enjoy Your Rabbit mp3
12. Year Of The Dog mp3
13. Year Of The Horse mp3
14. Year Of Our Lord mp3

Released 2002