The Waybacks - Burger After Church CD

With this, their sophomore effort, the Waybacks confirm that they are one of the most exciting, inventive and fun acoustic bands on the planet! Mixing interesting instrumentals, played with taste and hot licks, and effective folky vocals, these guys are a bit like what would happen if New Grass Revival played Chinese fire drill with the Austin Lounge Lizards. It's no wonder that these bay area favorites are catching fire across the country: they are stellar instrumentalists adept in multiple musical genre's (folk, swing, bluegrass, Celtic) who have taken the acoustic string band to a whole new level. Much of the CD is original material, and the writing is consistently good, but even the covers are rendered in such a way so as to make them sound new. Throughout the entire CD I had the distinct impression these guys were having a ball in the studio. That kind of infectious fun is present on every cut. Acoustic mayhem rules! - Kevin Russell, FREIGHT TRAIN BOOGIE.COM

1. Turkish Stalemate
2. Down From Iona
3. Brundlefly
4. Bright Place
5. Last Date
6. Prairie Doggin'
7. Police Dog Blues
8. Saltflat Rhapsody
9. Gulshion Island
10. The Return
11. Temporary Cheese