Product Reviews

Their music is more than just a show, it’s a full experience unlike any other.
Few albums in the last couple of decades have brought forth the spirit of Muscle Shoals as A Way To Survive does here.
While many bands in today’s music scene claim cross-cultural and multi-genre influences, few pull it off with the ease and mastery of Hip Bones.
There’s only one question surrounding this release, and that is whether or not it is the best instrumental album of 2016.
Medicated Sunfish is a young band out of Wilmington, NC that has the talent, creativity, and soul to rise to the top of the NC jamband scene.
Featuring 10 tracks, ESP’s sophomore release shows the band to be growing in confidence and execution, with excellent results in this 60-plus minute recording.
The 13 tracks of “The Absolute Elsewhere” display a love for the themes of classic literature, expressive, haunting vocals and diverse, unusual instrumentation.
County Well gets creative and free on the debut release “Future Country”
Big Daddy Love banjo player/writer Brian Swenk reviews Larry Keel's great new CD.
Featuring a blistering combination of guitar and soulful vocals, the Nick Moss Band proves delightful in this live recording from the Baltic Blues Festival in 2015.
“Live From the Road” by Barefoot Wade features two discs that detail the life, adventures, and musical sagas of a modern beach town bard, equipped with guitar and steel drums.
Time To Go should be required listening for anyone with a serious interest in psychedelic rock.